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Artist Statement 2019

We often forget that discarded materials, plastics, found wood, packaging wrappers contain the potential for transformation. Their nature reflects a strange parallel: the overwhelming need for these materials and the overwhelming discarding of these materials. The exhausting condition of excess, the overflow of packaging waste reflects the repetitive consumerist behavior, consumption without thought. Printmaking, and the process of stenciling adapts this repetitive process is part of my artistic intention. My grandfather gave me stencils as a child and since then I have continued to make marks on paper with stencils and now other discarded materials, and optimize them for a resurrection in creative use. 


Summer 2017: University of Illinois Fine Art Micro Residency

Summer 2017: Kansas City Art Institute Art Educator Residency

Spring 2018: Recent Work show with John Upchurch at Rare Nest Gallery, Chicago

Spring 2018: Six Gallery Artists, Rare Nest Gallery, Chicago

Spring 2018:  IHSAE Art Exhibition, Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago

Summer 2018 University of Illinois Fine Art Micro Residency

Winter 2019 Women Empowerment Show, Gallery 1070, Chicago 

Summer 2019 In-Cahoots Residency, Petaluma Ca

Winter 2019-2020 2 person show Object Trace with Teresa Getty, Rare Nest Gallery, 

Fieldwork Resident, Chicago Artist Coalition,  2019-2020

CNL ART IN PLACE participant 2020

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