Chicago, IL, USA

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Ann Marie Greenberg was born in Kansas City,  Missouri. In her teens, her family moved to Texas where she went to The Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts. She graduated from Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA in 1990. She currently resides in Chicago. 

I am interested in objects and images that defy absolutes; they are neither black or white, positive or negative. My artwork investigates the inherent dichotomy between the cruelty and necessity of nature.  We split the earth open to plant a seed. We puncture cloth with a needle when we mend it. We have beautiful flowers that are poisonous. 

My work is fueled by the human impulse for beauty; I find meaning in the transformation of discarded materials. Overwhelmed by consumerism, I am asking how much of this do we need and what are we going to do with it when we are done using it? In my recent work I repurpose plastic and parts of discarded furniture to make paintings and prints to illustrate our preoccupation with materialism. The fundamental repetition in the act of printmaking mirrors this perpetuation of consumerist cycles.


Summer 2017: University of Illinois Fine Art Micro Residency

Summer 2017: Kansas City Art Institute Art Educator Residency

Spring 2018: Recent Work show with John Upchurch at Rare Nest Gallery, Chicago

Spring 2018: Six Gallery Artists, Rare Nest Gallery, Chicago

Spring 2018:  IHSAE Art Exhibition, Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago

Summer 2018 University of Illinois Fine Art Micro Residency

Winter 2019 Women Empowerment Show, Gallery 1070, Chicago 

Summer 2019 In-Cahoots Residency, Petaluma Ca